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Pyramid™ Screen Panel

 HT™ Screen Panel

PWP™ Screen Panel

Sandwich (SWG) Screen Panel

+ Pyramid™ (PMD™) and Pyramid Plus™ (PMD+™) Screen Panels
+ High Temperature Series (HT™) Screen Panel
+ Repairable Plate (PWP™) Screen Panel
+ Sandwich (SWG™) Screen Panel

Pyramid (PMD) and Pyramid Plus (PMD+) Screen Panels

Derrick Equipment Company revolutionized screening technology in 1994 with the introduction of the patented Pyramid (PMD) screen design. This three-dimensional screen design offers the benefits of traditional flat, multi-layered screens while adding a substantial increase in usable screen area. The result is a screen that allows for an increase in fluid handling capacity. Pyramid technology allow rigs to screen finer earlier in the drilling process, thus significantly reducing total drilling fluid and disposal costs.

High Temperature Series (HT) Screen Panel

The HT Series screen incorporates a revolutionary new bonding material that offers superior screen life in glycol mud systems and/or high temperature applications where flowline temperatures exceed 130°F (54°C). High temperature screens are available in all Pyramid (PMDHT) and Pyramid Plus (PMDHT+) panels for Derrick shakers.

Repairable Plate (PWP) Screen Panel

PWP screens are constructed of three screen layers bonded to a perforated metal plate for added support and to facilitate repair. Bonding squares help maintain cut point integrity by stabilizing the sandwich screen, and increase durability by reducing screen flutter and isolating any screen failures. The screen may be repaired using either the stainless steel plugs supplied with the panel or by application of silicone rubber.

Sandwich (SWG) Screen Panel

The SWG screen was originally designed for Derrick’s elliptical motion shakers but is available for all equipment except the 500 series. The screen panel consists of three screen layers bound on each side by a one-piece, double-folded hook strip.