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Derrick Announces New Hyperpool High Capacity Shaker
Houston, Texas (April 30, 2012). Derrick Equipment Company announced today the introduction of its new Hyperpool four-panel shale shaker designed for land-based oilfield drilling operations. The Hyperpool can be configured in any of three ways: prima ... read more

Derrick 20-MSSP (Modular Slurry Separation Plant)
Derrick Equipment Company presents the 20’ Modular Slurry Separation Plant with a versatile Platform Strategy for various civil engineering applications including horizontal drilling rigs, micro-tunneling systems, and slurry wall millings. An in ... read more

DE-7200™ VFD™ Big Bowl Centrifuge
Derrick Equipment’s DE-7200 VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Centrifuge provides a new concept in centrifuge operation and control. Automatic load sensing and feed pump control enable automated performance up to 500gpm. The conveyor is capable of 90 RP ... read more

Dual Pool 600 Series Shaker
Derrick Equipment's Dual Pool 600 Series shale shaker increases performance and efficiency. The actuated screen compression system allows quick and easy screen removal/installation while providing a secure seal of screens to the vibrating deck. Each ... read more